International Conference On Sustainable Building In China Held In Shanghai – Lock Picking Tools

March 23 to 25, China International Conference on Sustainable Construction held in Shanghai. The General Assembly around the “low-carbon design, green building materials, energy-saving technologies,” the three discussion themes, building materials and construction from the perspective of integration, through the understanding and use of green building materials standards, energy saving technology, knowledge, effectively applied to the green , low carbon design and practical experience in the creative process. NVC Lighting R & D Center General Manager Mr. Zhou Xiang Shanghai gave the “green lighting products in the Sustainable Buildings” wonderful speech.
The meeting brought together many experts on Chinese and foreign construction field, with “Green Building of the Chinese Way” as the subject, by drawing on the success of green building practices at home and abroad and in-depth analysis and objective combination of existing green building standards in China in order to achieve the use of green philosophy and economic win-win situation.
Green building energy-efficient lighting is an extremely important part of the lighting energy consumption accounts for 35% of the whole building energy consumption. NVC Lighting R & D Center General Manager Mr. Zhou Xiang Shanghai gave the “green lighting products in the Sustainable Buildings” wonderful speech. He introduced the green lighting in the role of architecture, LED trends, sustainable construction requirements of lighting, green lighting that relations with the system on energy saving solutions, new green lighting products on the eco-contribution.
Careful that the green light to create the environment has long been the goal NVC, NVC will develop energy-efficient lighting as a core business strategy, overall layout of energy efficient lighting industry, research and development and energy efficient lighting and electrical control core technology in reducing mercury and increase energy saving effect of energy-saving lamps achieve light source, electrical and lighting the best match. At present, the NVC lighting products and application solutions chosen by many famous works, including the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games, 2010 Shanghai World Expo, Guangzhou 2010 Asian Games and other international projects, Tianjin Metro Line, Shenzhen Convention and Exhibition Centre and other municipal projects, and Hilton, Kempinski and other star hotel.
Careful that the General Assembly for the NVC lighting technology to provide a good platform, lighting energy is a systematic project, the future of Chinese architectural lighting has a very broad space for development, NVC as actively promoting green lighting enterprise, hope In this forum, and domestic and foreign famous enterprises and agencies to exchange green lighting and energy saving environmental protection experience, and vigorously promote lighting energy conservation, and effectively improve the energy efficiency lighting, work together to build high quality and efficiency, economic comfort, safety and reliability, environmental protection, building lighting environment to achieve sustainable architectural lighting system for the global energy saving and environmental protection to make modest.
In addition, 15 Chinese and foreign well-known experts on various topics in-depth discussion. Topics include: global green market trends, eco-walls and comfortable living, green lighting products for use in sustainable building, green building in the design of cost control and economic benefits, and other hot topics.
It also showcases the latest green building materials at home and abroad, energy-saving technologies and related products, including: China International Exhibition shading and energy saving technology, the China International Exhibition floor coverings, Shanghai International Urban Landscape Design and Construction Exhibition .

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