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Alliott Group the Worldwide Alliance celebrates another successful worldwide conference in South Africa


Sun City, South Africa (PRWEB UK) 5 November 2014

Alliott Group’s annual 2014 Worldwide Conference was held this year at The Palace in Sun City, South Africa.

Delegates and their companions enjoyed a full program offering great networking opportunities which included game drives, taking in the Big Five, and also a companion’s excursion to visit a crocodile sanctuary.

During the conference members also received an economic update on South Africa, and a Guide on Doing Business which was presented by Professor Matthew Lester, providing an overview of each of the major business centres and the country as a whole.

There were further meetings focusing on

Getting, Developing and Keeping Top Professional Talent and an interactive session.

Worldwide Chairman John Kleopas commented:

“Alliott Group 2014 Worldwide conference has successfully concluded. It is recorded in the Group’s history as one of the most Memorable conferences with a different approach in organization, excellent combination of social events, game drives, working sessions and the record number of companions”