The New Net Display Systems Major PADS Release Out Now


(PRWEB) September 21, 2013

Net Display Systems (NDS) is excited to announce the launch of PADS4 Release 3. This latest release is packed with benefits and new features.

For PADS4 Release 3, NDS has developed two unique applications to communicate with an entire organization through desktops, laptops and tablets within a corporate digital signage environment: PADS4 Messenger and PADS4 Desktop Viewer.

The combination of PADS4 Messenger and PADS4 Desktop Viewer offers an effective corporate messenger solution. Whether it concerns internal newsletters or special discount announcements, anything that’s important to any organization and their employees can be scheduled through PADS presentations as a message for Desktop Viewers. With PADS4 Messenger, there is maximum control over any internal digital communication.

This release also comes with the introduction of the PADS4 HTML5 Viewer. This new addition to the PADS4 Viewer range is an OS independent, browser-based PADS Viewer. The PADS4 HTML5 Viewer not only enables AV integrators to deploy signage projects with a low-end solution, they now also have the opportunity to create a hybrid digital signage solution.

NDS now offers the possibility to serve both high-end solid windows viewer requirements (with XPERT and XPRESS Viewers) and lower-end, low-cost player support (e.g. Android/Linux players). Each PADS4 Viewer can be managed within one signage network, with the same PADS4 Designer and the same PADS4 Scheduler.

Designing presentations in PADS4 Designer just got more impressive with the introduction of the enhanced Rich Text element. This feature-rich element comes with an advanced and dynamic Rich Text editor. Get creative, edit content in any desired format, or add rule-based content. Full integration with the unequalled database connectivity features makes it even more powerful.

Another major new feature is the integration of Intel AIM (Audience Impression Metric) audience recognition. With the addition of the Intel AIM data provider NDS aims at retailers to optimize their in-store communication. The new Intel AIM data provider enables retailers to connect to a camera device in order to collect audience recognition information and play audience specific content.

“With the combination of the Intel AIM software and simple IP camera’s, you can collect nearly real-time information about your audience varying from gender and age range, to viewing times and duration,” says Arthur Damen, Product Manager at NDS. “That information increases the ability to engage customers even more with targeted presentations,” he adds.

PADS4 is available as a 30 day trial. Go to and discover why PADS4 is the most effective digital signage solution in the world.