Wii 2 Review

Nintendo Wii 2 Review

Were you looking for a WII 2 REVIEW ? Then you might want to read this awesome wii 2 review it goes into great detail and tells you when the release date is and what will be included with the new wii 2 console! Seriously you might have to back order a wii 2 just to be able to get one on the release date!

The Nintendo Wii 2 expects line ups of hundreds out side of major department stores that will be selling the wii 2 console. Do you remember what the release of the wii console was like back in 2006?

Absolutely CRAZY!

This is going to be ten times more Crazy! Do not expect them to be just sitting on the shelves in the major stores because they will most likely be gone within a hour of release!

They have tried to make the wii 2 affordable for all gamers but their cost will still be very high for the first year!

Expect the WII 2 CONSOLE to sell for around $ 700 – $ 1000 on release date.

And if you were thinking of buying one online double that price! No Joke!

Nintendo wii did not expect the wii 1 to be so popular. Their hopes for the wii 2 are out of this world! They expect around 1 million purchases on release date.

Do the math the wii one sold 370,000 console on release date! In total the wii one has sold over 47 million consoles. They are hoping for a whopping 100 million wii 2 consoles to be sold by year one! That doubles the wii 1 just by the end of year one! CRAZY!

Anyways while you wait for the release of wii 2 you should try to unlock your wii console and gain access to all the wii’s hidden features that many people do not know about! Dvd player, free game downloads, Mp3, cds , emulators and much more cool stuff!

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I hope you enjoyed this! Took a lot of time writing it and doing the proper research for their wii 2 console release. I you are like me you probably just can’t wait for their wii 2 launch!

Enjoy! Gamers!

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