My PS3 Is Overheating!

It doesn’t matter how good something is something can always go wrong. The PS3 for example great bit of kit, excellent games, amazing graphics and Blu-ray capabilities, but it can still break down. The PS3’s particular problem is something called the yellow light of death and is caused by a few different things, however the main cause for it is overheating. Overheating can lead to more permanent damage being caused so it is something you should avoid at all costs. This can be fixed or prevented by following the precautions described below.

1. The very first thing you should do if your console is overheating is to turn it off immediately to reduce the risk of further damage. You would want to leave the console off for at least one hour before turning on again. Doing this will allow the console to cool down to a comfortable operating temperature again. Also doing this will reset the system if there is another issue other than overheating.

2. If your console is still overheating and you need to cool it down fast then try placing a fan near to the console’s vents and blow cool air into the PS3. This should help reduce the temperature sufficiently to begin playing again. If this solves the issue then it may be worth buying an external PS3 fan. They can be obtained from most gaming stores and fit snugly on the console, as they are designed specifically for this job they do not look at all obtrusive and fit in with the console’s style. They will keep the console properly cooled down even through the most intense gaming session.

3. Take a moment to look at where you actually store your PS3 as this can cause the console to overheat. Is there sufficient ventilation so your console can get the cool air it needs to continue working properly.

If you keep your PS3 on a book case standing up is there enough room at the top for the vents to do their job? A lot of people store their console in a glass fronted cabinet which will just trap the heat and cause the console to malfunction, if you are one of these people try playing with the doors open. While you are checking this out take a look at the vents to see if they are clogged up. Dust can build up on the vents to a level where it will cause the yellow light of death. If there is make sure you use a dry clean cloth to wipe it away.

4. Adjusting the high definition setting on the console is another way to stop the PS3 from overheating. This setting can cause the PS3 to get to hot simply because the amount of work the processors have to do, so reducing the setting to a lower definition will certainly help. You will find this setting on the control panel and you just have to reduce the resolution. I know this is not ideal as you bought the console because of the graphics, but if you need your PS3 working again quickly then this has to be tried.

Just a little bit of thought and care when using your PS3 can prevent overheating on your console. Taking on board the points raised could be enough to save you the $ 150 dollars Sony would charge for the repair. Happy gaming.

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North Hollywood, CA (PRWEB) April 21, 2014

To provide excellent protection in transit for their customers’ interactive touchscreens and digital signage, as well as to mitigate or prevent damage & costs incurred setting up the unit at venues such as tradeshows, corporate meetings and/or conferences, A&S developed this line of SLANT cases. A&S also wanted to facilitate displaying these screens at any angle needed from vertical to horizontal. A&S rose to the challenge again.

The A&S SLANT™, touchscreen and digital signage lift case, simplifies this whole process. Your screens never leave the protection of the case! All you need to do is:

1.    Plug in electrical power through the back of the case

2.    Remove a lid & press the up button (or an IF wireless remote)

3.    Once the screen is up, adjust it to any position from vertical, as it is stored, too horizontal. Horizontal is great for tabletop games or as a demo tool.

The screen rises out of the case on a uniquely simple & quiet lift and is moved to the desired angle and locked in place on a custom designed tilt mechanism. The A&S SLANT™ provides unbelievable ease of use at the venue & negates the need to hire show labor for set up at tradeshows, conferences and other venues since this can all be done by one or two people in minutes.

In the base of the case there is a 6 outlet surge-protected electrical supply to power the lift, screen and any computer equipment needed for driving the information being presented. The lift and tilt mechanism mounts to the screen VESA mount and can accommodate all large screens, 40” and up, weighing 250 lbs. or less.

When customers ask, A&S listens & better yet they deliver! As their tagline states – Always Superior… Quality Without Compromise Since 1976.

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