Leading Digital Solutions Agency, Xivic Inc. Announces New Director of Production & Accounts

West Hollywood, CA (PRWEB) March 18, 2014

Xivic Inc. has appointed Ian Smith as Director of Production & Accounts. Smith brings over a decade of digital expertise to a seasoned team of engineers, interactive producers, UX designers and marketing strategists. His work has encompassed brand engagement campaigns, digital production initiatives, business development ventures and agency leadership.

“The addition of Ian Smith offers valuable business impact to the Xivc team” said Xivic CEO Bahman Zakeri. “Coupled with our 17 years of digital experience, Ian’s expertise will maximize results for Xivic’s growing clientele.”

Smith’s role will be to oversee digital production operations and client services to deliver the quality results Xivic’s clients have come to expect.

“Having partnered with Xivic in one capacity or another for the past 4 years, I know this company is capable of delivering high-quality digital solutions no matter what the circumstances may be,” Smith said. “Now, as Director of Production & Accounts, I think there’s great opportunity to expand our offerings, develop new industry expertise and provide our existing clients with even greater market impact.”

Smith joins Xivic from West Los Angeles creative agency, mOcean, where he served as Director of Engagement Marketing and oversaw digital marketing efforts since 2010. Previously, he was Senior Digital Producer at BIG Interactive, where he worked directly on Anheuser-Busch and SeaWorld Parks digital marketing initiatives.

Since 2002, Smith has held production and agency leadership roles, specializing in digital engagement strategies, advertising and entertainment. Clients he has worked with include: Electronic Arts, Microsoft XBOX 360, Discovery Channel, Sony Pictures, Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment, Walt Disney Studios, Disney Publishing, SeaWorld Parks, Hyundai Motor America, Lexus, Anheuser-Busch and more.

Smith lives in Long Beach with his wife, son and daughter. He enjoys golfing and lives by the quote, “truth and happiness lie within whiskey and bacon.”

About Xivic, Inc.

Xivic is a cutting edge digital solutions provider focused on delivering maximum business impact for agencies, brands and startups. They combine technological innovation with unique managerial expertise to translate, expand and develop their clients’ vision into a powerful creative experience.

Brands Xivic works with include NBC Universal, Toyota, Disney, ABC Studios, Sony, Mattel, EA Games, Microsoft, Bing, Universal Pictures, General Electric, Hasbro, Mitsubishi, TNT, Xbox and others. Since 1998, they have successfully launched hundreds of cross-platform solutions, ranging from mobile applications to social platforms, content management systems to shopping portals, and microsites to enterprise-wide solutions.

Xivic’s team of digital strategists, information architects, UX designers and engineers are the most dependable, reliable, and forward-thinking experts in the digital space. If you need a partner that can translate your vision into reality, call Xivic. They’ll make it happen.

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Ps3 Move Vs Microsoft Kinect

Possibly you by now know what Kinect Technologies is and what amazing things it can do producing YOU the center of the game.

Kinect brings games and entertainment to lifestyle in extraordinary new approaches Not having the use of a controller. The Kinect is a camera and sensor that hooks up to your Xbox 360 and tracks your motion, turning your human body into the controller. Tackle mountaintop obstacle programs.

You and your close friends and household will leap, dodge, and kick your way as a result of 20 pulse-pounding adventures set in exotic places.

That’s the excellent part. You have the capability to act now and pre-buy your Xbox controller today at Amazon. This product or service is integrated in Amazon’s Pre-buy Total price Guarantee, which means that if the Amazon.com value changes you’ll get the lowest cost among the time you positioned your buy and the release date.

The final thing anybody wants are Kinect video games that take permanently to react to your movements. Every single game for the program is going to demand you to move your physique and interact with it. The player’s movements are going to have to be picked up quite considerably precisely when they are produced for the games to be worthwhile.

Everyone is aware of there will be some drag at the release date. Immediately after some patches are extra, the pace should really get far better nevertheless.

The situation of the voice recognition engineering implemented into the Kinect is a concern for some gamers. In some of the demos, it was fairly clear that Kinect didn’t really know what the individual was absolutely talking about. The ailment of the voice recognition engineering implemented into the Kinect is a problem for some gamers. In some of the demos, it was rather apparent that Kinect didn’t quite know what the particular person was absolutely talking about. You also need to think about if Kinect games will be capable to evaluate hefty accents, or varying techniques of talking accurately.

Obviously accents can be quite distinct. If this doesn’t materialize, then Kinect most most likely will not be all that extraordinary.

There has been a constant and healthful rivalry between a lot of of the gaming providers and this holiday time is going to be no unique for the two big gaming giants.? To capitalize on the holiday time, the gaming majors SONY Personal computer Enjoyment (SCE) and Microsoft are coming up with their niche products Play Station Move for PlayStation three and Kinect for Xbox 360 respectively. It is devoid of any batteries and has been invented on a fully new technologies whereas Move requires batteries for its working and has been invented by simply advancing present technologies. On the other hand, Kinect does not have this sort of versatility and will hence limit the number of video games that could be played using it. In terms of tracking movement accuracy, Move has been reported to be greater than Kinect because it is primarily based on a rather effectively established engineering whereas Kinect is primarily based on a somewhat new know-how and requirements to triumph over some of the teething problems. Nevertheless, this very exact same element is intended to give Microsoft a huge advantage as the technologies behind Kinect could modify the way humans interact with their pcs.

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