100 Nintendo Ds Games in 10 Minutes! HD

100 Nintendo Ds Games in 10 Minutes! HD

100 nintendo ds games in 10 minutes List of games in this video 1 – Metroid Prime: Hunters 2 – Advance wars: Dual Strike 3 – Contra IV 4 – Ninja gaiden; Drag…
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37 thoughts on “100 Nintendo Ds Games in 10 Minutes! HD

  1. I could have sworn the DS wasn’t region locked either. The PSP had better
    graphics and it really did feel like a PS2 was in my hands. The 3DS is much
    better than the DS. The 3DS using all of it’s power can be like playing a
    game on the Wii when the Wii is being used at it’s best graphical capacity.
    The DS wasn’t quite there but the 3DS certainly is. The 3DS benefits from
    being cheaper than the Vita. The 3DS is capable of playing music, watching
    online videos, Netflix. All of which I am sure the Vita is able to do and
    much more with better graphics. But that price is hefty on people. Add to
    it that the 3DS is backwards compatible and you have the makings of a great
    affordable gaming system. While the Vita may be better when it comes to
    graphics, media, and better connection with the PS family, the 3DS is still
    cheaper, has nostalgic games for the masses that have grown up with
    Nintendo, has some media capabilities, and this wonderful sense of
    community with things like streetpass. I am unsure if the Vita has parental
    controls, but the 3DS does which makes it perfect for parents and maybe
    even older siblings.

  2. oh and gamers dont care about multimdia, they just want to play games.
    there was digital games on the psp, but then there was digital games on the
    Ds too..

  3. and while they were marketing to those demographic they were getting
    hardcore games from both western and japanese devs. the ds was basically
    what the ps2, ps1 and super nintendo once was. it cater to everyone, while
    retaining hardcore games. personally i think the ds was more for old school
    gamers who relied on nostalgia since it had a lot of old school franchises
    and genre that they missed come back. you had point and click, platformers,
    action games, shooters, racers, RTS games, etc

  4. PSP isn’t region locked. You can get JP and EU games which expands the
    library by a whole lot. My only real complain with PSP is the UMD door,
    which does give problems after a while. But it’s an easy fix that requires
    no tools whatsoever to repair. DS has some nice exclusives but when you
    really want to get into portable gaming and then some, you have to go with
    PSP. Overall, the experience you get with a PSP is much, much deeper than
    you can ever get with a DS. I guarantee it.

  5. The reason why it sold more was because Nintendo was marketed towards a
    wider consumer base. Kids, especially and familes. PSP has a nice variety
    of games but it does lean towards a more core gamer experience. DS has some
    good games but honestly, I wouldn’t play most of them. But with PSP, you
    get a lot more out of it besides gaming. It’s a multimedia beast! If you
    get a PSP just for digital games/content and not even use the UMD, it is
    still hugely worth the price. Can’t say that about DS.

  6. theres a reason why the ds outsold the psp by a lot and it was simply
    because of the games. it had more quality and more verity. that along is
    what makes a great console and a system seller, which the psp didnt have.

  7. u wont be disapointed its most underated game of the series because you
    control appolo but they are blind they dont even know u get to control 3
    different characters including phoenix wright

  8. most of the actions in the games match the beat of the song at certain
    parts…….idk if they did that on purpose but if so, its even more epic

  9. What’s that one game where your a little kid and you have like a little
    flying monster as a friend and you can use magic you can also enter some
    tower that’s like 100-1000 floors high if anyone knows what.I’m talking
    about plaza msg me I’ve been looking for that game for a long time already

  10. Because graphics make the game/system right? I guess this means that the
    panasonic 3DO was better than the Genesis and SNES I guess this means that
    infinity blade on iphone is better than monster hunter 4 I guess this means
    Big rigs over the road is better than f zero on snes My god my judgement on
    games has been wrong all my life. It’s GRAPHICS than only matter in a game,
    gameplay means nothing! Thanks for showing me the truth!

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