10 reasons to buy a Nintendo 3DS XL

In this video, Official Nintendo Magazine’s Chandra Nair list 10 reasons why you should buy a Nintendo 3DS XL when it is released in the UK on 28 July. Inclu…
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25 thoughts on “10 reasons to buy a Nintendo 3DS XL

  1. I love how while everyone else makes their systems smaller and more compact
    in the later years while Nintendo has the guts to make them BIGGER

  2. i am so in love my black 3ds xl when im not playing pokemon y i simply like
    looking at it. so damn sexy and sleek… yeah…. im weird like that

  3. When you make a video… Don’t put music with words that drown out your
    words. You also might benefit having your voice considerably louder than
    your stupid music. What a terrible video.

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